Friday, June 9, 2017

Capstone Presentations 2017 : Mrs. Berliner's Scholars @resvt #geniushour #vsla #vted

These Capstone Presentations were created in Enrichment Library class by RES fourth graders in Mrs. Berliner's class. The scholars developed their own research questions, which are shown above the presentations that answer them. Presentations from Mrs. LeFrancois' class and Ms. Senning's class will be posted very soon. We are very proud of all our fourth grade scholars!

Why are things named the way they are?

What happened in the Battle of the Bulge?

How do songwriters write their songs?

Why would someone make an instrument?

How do guitars, pianos, and drums make their sounds?

What is a CAFO cow's life like, from birth to death?

What lives in the deep sea?

How do U-boats work?

How was the Taj Mahal built?

Are illusions real magic?

How do inventors come up with their ideas?

How do architects make their plans?

How does coral grow?

What was it like in England on the home front during World War II?

How do people get evidence of monsters?

How do people create good doodles? Three pages from a book

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