Monday, February 20, 2017

Fourth Grade Capstone Project Research Questions #resvt #geniushour #vted

RES fourth graders have been working on their interest-based Capstone Projects, and they have each developed a research question they will use to focus their investigations. We are so impressed by the thoughtfulness of the questions! Our students have a great breadth of interests, and we can't wait to see the results of their research!

-Mrs. Rankin and Mrs. Redford

How do guitars, drums, and pianos make sounds?
  • How do architects make their plans?
  • How do things get their names?
  • World War II: What was it like at home during that time period?
  • How do people create good doodles?
  • How do people get evidence of monsters?
  • Why would someone make an instrument?
  • How are coral reefs made?
  • How did World War II submarines work?
  • How did the Battle of the Bulge happen?
  • How do inventors come up with inventions?
  • How are cows treated from birth to death?
  • How will cars look in the future?
  • How are electronic games made?
  • How do different deep sea creatures survive?
  • Why did some people join Hitler?
  • What features make supercars so fast?
  • How did they make Bugattis so fast?
  • What makes an animal a rodent?
  • How is a black hole formed?
  • How do computers work?
  • How do you care for and train a bunny?
  • How do people use drones for photography?
  • How do we remember things?
  • What is the history of ballet?
  • What is the history of horseback riding?
  • How do magicians do tricks?
  • How do you choreograph a dance?
  • How did the Civil War start?
  • How are stop motion movies made?
  • How do you a code a video game?
  • How do you build a treehouse?
  • How did Harry Houdini do his magic tricks?
  • Why do volcanoes erupt?
  • How is time and space the same thing?
  • How do artists make different clay pots?
  • How did women's clothing in the 1900s develop over time?
  • How do you make a cartoon?

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