Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Capstone Presentations 2016 : Mrs. LeFrancois' Scholars #geniushour #resvt #vslat #vted

Here are samples of the Capstone Presentations created in Enrichment Library class by RES fourth graders in Mrs. LeFrancois' class. The scholars developed their own research questions, which are shown above the presentations that answer them. We are very proud of all our fourth grade scholars!

Who was Anne Frank?

How did the stones get moved across Easter Island?

How do chefs come up with recipes?

How do mountains rise and fall?

How do pianos make music?

What is the history of women in the police force?

And a bonus video story: The Racing Pony!

How did Claude Monet create his paintings?
This presentation also includes a painting by the scholar which she created using Monet's techniques.

Why are corals so colorful?

How have movies changed from the olden days to now?

How did Mary Lou Retton win the Olympics?

What is the history of wolves and humans?

How do robots work?

What is the history of the Miami Dolphins?

What goes on inside the console when you're playing a video game?

Why are Lamborghinis and other sports cars so fast?

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