Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How Will We SHARE Our Capstone Learning?

This is an exciting time in the capstone research process!  You have gathered and collected resources, done research, and are close or have answered your question.  Now it is time to:

Do something that you are going to enjoy making and sharing!
Think about your project—what you share should be connected to your question.
At the end of the project our goal for you is to have something you are proud of!
Today is about planning your project.  You are not limited to these ideas, but they might help you to get started!  Don't be afraid to try a new tool either! AND, you can combine ideas or have two parts to your project.

We cannot wait to see what you will make! You are each such amazing individuals, and you have already showed us how much you are learning. We are PROUD of you and excited for this next step in the process where you get to share beyond our classroom!!!! Yipee!

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