Thursday, December 3, 2015

Exploring Constellations

Fourth Grade Solar System Explorers!
We have been learning so much about our own solar system that we have not spent a lot of time thinking about other stars beyond our sun. This lesson is a chance for you to think and learn about constellations (and if you are interested about some of the activity on the international Space Station!) For Step 1 and 2 you can use your Chromebook in the library.  For the rest you can visit Mrs. Rankin's room to continue your exploration!

 Step 1: What is a constellation? Watch one of these two videos (or both) to learn the basics.

Step 2:  Can you find the constellations?
Play this video game to try to match the shapes with the stars!

Step 3:  Learn and think more about constellations
These centers will be available to visit and learn more.

*  Make a Star Finder
(I got this idea from:  )

* Create a watercolor constellation painting

*  Read books and learn the myths behind the constellations

* Create your own constellation

*  Write a star poem

AND....I just cannot stop learning about the International Space Station...if you are interested too, here is an online resource to check out:

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