Monday, December 14, 2015

Evaluating Websites for Research

Each of the websites below is about the explorer Samuel de Champlain. Pretend that you are about to do a project on Samuel de Champlain. Go to each of these websites and use our evaluation sheet to decide if you would use the information you find there.

1) Samuel de Champlain from World Book Kids. To hear this article read aloud, click Tools then Hear text read aloud. (In-class example, not for your rating sheet)

2) Samuel de Champlain from World Book Student. Hint: "Contributor" means "Author." To hear this article read aloud, click
then Text-to-speech.

3) Samuel de Champlain on Weebly.

4) Samuel de Champlain from All About Explorers.

When you are done, compare your rating sheet with the student sitting next to you.

Bonus once you have finished everything above and checked with Mrs. Rankin or Mrs. Redford: Evaluate this site.

Click this link to see the Web Site Evaluation Sheet

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Exploring Constellations

Fourth Grade Solar System Explorers!
We have been learning so much about our own solar system that we have not spent a lot of time thinking about other stars beyond our sun. This lesson is a chance for you to think and learn about constellations (and if you are interested about some of the activity on the international Space Station!) For Step 1 and 2 you can use your Chromebook in the library.  For the rest you can visit Mrs. Rankin's room to continue your exploration!

 Step 1: What is a constellation? Watch one of these two videos (or both) to learn the basics.

Step 2:  Can you find the constellations?
Play this video game to try to match the shapes with the stars!

Step 3:  Learn and think more about constellations
These centers will be available to visit and learn more.

*  Make a Star Finder
(I got this idea from:  )

* Create a watercolor constellation painting

*  Read books and learn the myths behind the constellations

* Create your own constellation

*  Write a star poem

AND....I just cannot stop learning about the International Space Station...if you are interested too, here is an online resource to check out: