Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Solar System Wonder Posters

You will be creating "Wonder" posters to help answer your questions about the solar system!

Goals for this project
  • Learn more about a solar system or space topic that interests you
  • Share your learning with other scholars
  • Practice quoting or paraphrasing facts
  • Practice finding online images
  • Practice making citations for books and online images

Steps for this project (this project will take more than one class)

1) Come up with a Wonder question (use scrap paper)

2) Check your question with an adult - some questions are better for research than others!

3) Write your Wonder question on your organizer

4) Write your name on your organizer

5) Use books first, then online resources to answer your question

6) Write your evidence on your organizer - quote or paraphrase the information

7) Write citations for your sources on your organizer

8) Find an online image to illustrate your poster

9) Create a Google document. Copy and paste your image and your image citation (URL) into your Google document

10) Check your Google document with an adult

11) After you have checked your Google document with an adult, print it out in color

12) Put your poster together so it looks like the example


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