Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome to Enrichment Library Classes 2015-2016! #resvt #vted

Welcome  to our 2015-2015 Enrichment Library classes! Mrs. Rankin and Mrs. Redford will be teaching this class for fourth graders each week. Scholars will be learning digital and information literacy skills, studying the solar system, and creating individual Capstone Projects about topics they choose.

Introduction video

What will students be learning?

Fabulous Fact Poster

Digital and information literacy skills!
  • searching for information
  • evaluating information
  • citing sources

Our Solar System (click to enlarge)
New this year: The Solar System! 

Capstone Project: How Was Stonehenge Built?

Second half of the year: Capstone Projects
  • Students choose the topics
  • Learn more about something you love
  • Create your own presentation to share what you know

solar system image is by NASA/JPL http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/gallery/OSS.jpg