Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Capstone Presentations: Ms. Erickson's Scholars #geniushour #resvt #cesuvt #vted

Here are samples of the Capstone Presentations created in Enrichment Library class by RES fourth graders in Ms. Erickson's class. The scholars developed their own research questions, which are shown above the presentations that answer them. We are very proud of all our fourth grade scholars!

What is the history of firefighting and how is it different today?

How do marine animals get injured and how do they get rehabbed by people?

How do you safely detonate a controlled explosion?

How is American Sign Language different and the same as Baby Sign Language?

How are muscle cars and sports cars the same or different?
Muscle Cars and Sport Cars (click link to view Glog)

How are different special effects made in movies?

What are some different forms of poetry, and what are some ways to help me write them?

How do you get touch screen electronics to work?

How does bats' echolocation work and why do bats have it?

How does a great bakery decorate wedding and occasion cakes?

How do magicians do magic tricks and illusions?

Why are wolves almost gone in the U.S., and are they coming back?

What are the differences between various species of seals?

What are the steps of making a video game?

How did Lea Michelle become famous?

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