Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Turn a Good Topic into a Great Research Question #resvt #vsla

The next step in our fourth grade enrichment library classes is for the scholars to create research questions for their Capstone Projects. Scholars will start by asking themselves, What do I already know about my topic? And what am I curious about?

A good research question:
    1) Needs information from sources other than yourself

    2) Can be researched—you can find information to help you answer it

    3) Broad enough for you to learn a lot about your topic - a Yard Question, not an Inch or Foot Question

    4) Narrow enough to answer in three or four classes of research - a Yard question, not a Mile Question that would take forever to answer!

    5) often (not always) begins with “why” or “how”

    6) clearly worded

    7) encourages deeper understanding of the topic

    8) you want to know the answer!

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