Friday, January 2, 2015

Evaluating Websites for Research

Today we will be using a rating sheet to evaluate websites. You may not get to all of these steps today, so please start on Step One!

Step One:
The topic of each of the sites below is endangered species. Pretend that you are about to do a project on endangered species,--go to one of these websites and use our rating sheet to decide if you would use the information you find there.

Step Two:
Share and discuss your results with a classmate at the same step as you.

Step Three:
Use the rating sheet to rate one of your favorite endangered species sites. How does it hold up to our rating system?

Step Four:
We have spent a lot of time discussing advertising. How does advertising factor into websites? What do you notice? Do you think that makes a difference in whether or not a website should be used for research? Look at a few of these websites with an eye for advertising. (Think about this and we will discuss it as a class next time!)

Step Five:
Should we change the rating sheet? How? Why? Note any changes you would like to make on an extra rating sheet.

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