Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Video and Radio Commercials: Samples and Examples

You will be sharing what you have learned about media literacy and advertising by creating a video or audio commercial for a book. Video commercials will be shared on YouTube and this blog. Audio commercials will be shared on the RES Podcast and the RES school blog. Here are some examples of book commercials by students, radio commercials by adults, and the RES Podcast. You can go back to this blog post if you need ideas about how your commercial could look or sound.

Sample video book commercials by RES fourth graders

Sample audio book commercials by Illinois fifth graders

Radio commercials produced by adults

Sample radio ad, click Ice Cream Shop

Sample radio ad, click Pizza Shop

RES Podcast: Pilgrims and SBAC

Media Literacy #resvt #cesuvt

Fourth graders have started a unit on media literacy in their enrichment library classes. We began by brainstorming a list of types of media, then continued by discussing advertising strategies. The scholars have been evaluating magazine ads to see if they can identify what strategies the advertisers use. We have been impressed with the critical thinking our scholars have been using about the messages that surround them every day! Here's a video that shows some of their thinking.