Monday, October 20, 2014

Mini Research Projects--Putting It All Together!

So far you have learned how to find information in books, find images online, and write citations for books and online images. Now you will have a chance to put this all together on a poster about one of your interests!

Goals for this lesson:
  • Learn more about one of your interests
  • Share information about your interest with other scholars
  • Practice finding library books
  • Practice quoting or paraphrasing facts
  • Practice making citations for books and online images

Step 1: Choose one of your interests or hobbies...not an animal this time! Examples would be a sport, a craft, or a favorite activity.

Step 2: Look for a book in the RES library about your interest or hobby. You can use OPALS to search for a book, or you can go straight to the library shelves. If you can't find a book on your interest or hobby, go back to step 1 and choose something else (you will need to use a library book for this project).

Step 3: Use sticky notes to mark three facts in your book.

Step 4: Quote or paraphrase your three facts on a piece of paper. Information about quoting or paraphrasing your information is in this blog post.

Step 5: Write a citation for your book on the same piece of paper. Information about writing citations for books is in this blog post. Do not include page numbers, because you will be getting information from many different places in the book.

Step 6: Log on to a computer and ***USE INTERNET EXPLORER*** to find an image that shows your interest and helps to describe in pictures the information you found in your book.  Copy the image and paste it into a Google document. Information about finding images is in this blog post.

Step 7: Make a citation for the image and put it in the same Google document. Information about citing images is in this blog post.

Step 8: Check in with a teacher to verify your citation and then print out your Google document with the image and image citation.

Step 9: Put your image document and your facts-and-citation paper onto poster paper. Write a title on the top of your poster. Write your name and your teacher's name on the back. When you're done, your poster should look something like this. (Note: Your notes and citations from your book can be handwritten).

 Step 10:  Write at least 2 reasons why we need citations when doing research and add them to your poster.

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