Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Grade 4 Blog Space and Word Clouds

Welcome 2014 fourth graders to our Think-Create-Collaborate blog space! 

We will be using this space to share our learning in fourth grade enrichment/library.  We will also use this space to create a visual reference for online assignments. Not sure what to do on a project we are working on?  Check here for information that will guide you!

Do you have an idea for something to share on our blog? Just let us know!

Our first online assignment is to create a word cloud that describes our interests!  We have spent some time taking a survey to think about what we are interested in learning more about.  This is another chance for you to really reflect on your interests! Follow the directions below to create your own interest word cloud!

1.  Open up your Google account and create a blank document in your Google drive(Note: You need to know your password for this!)
Open up a Microsoft Word Document

2.  Make a list of your interests in your document.  Some of your interests might be more important to you than others.  You can weight them by copying more important ones a few times!  Place your name on the list TEN times. Here is the start to an example from Mrs. Rankin:


(Make sure to save your document if you are working in Word!)

3.  Select a Word Cloud program to try:


4.  Cut and Paste your interests into the word cloud generator!

5.  Explore the different possibilities. (Use different tools and change colors, shapes and words!)
Here is an example Mrs. Rankin made on Tagxedo:

6. Check in with a teacher when you have your 'final' cloud.

7. Save your cloud.

8. Print your cloud (one per student in color please!)

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