Sunday, April 13, 2014

Capstone Complete...Still Thinking, Creating and Collaborating are done your capstone project, and others are still working.  We want you to make this time valuable and interesting TO YOU!  Use this time to learn and explore while respecting the work of your peers!

Here are a list of possible things you could do. Please review and make a plan.  Make sure that whatever you choose can be independent! Will you create or evaluate? What will you make so that you can share your learning?

*  Support a classmate with their capstone project. Perhaps someone would like a friend to review their project and provide feedback.  Maybe someone could use help filming or editing a video?  Helping others is a great way to learn a new tool or about a different topic than you already studied!

*  Review your interest inventories.  Was there another topic you really want to learn about?  Do it!  Find books, videos, online resources and learn!

*  Explore digital tools other than the ones you used for your project!  If you do this....we ask that you evaluate the tool for its usefulness in creating and sharing content (we will use these evaluations and share them with other students next year!)  Here are some possible tools to check out:

 Web based:
Google Presentation
Microsoft Word
 BitStrips (see Mrs Rankin for pwd)
 You Tube Editor

iPad Based:
Explain Everything

* Design your own plan for something you would like to do.  Check in with Mrs. Rankin to share your plans!

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