Friday, March 7, 2014

Research Sources

"How does smoking affect the brain?"
source: iPad app

RES fourth graders are collecting information to help them answer their research questions for their independent Capstone Projects. This morning Ms. Senning's class was using a variety of research sources as they gathered information. In the year 2014, information doesn't just come from books...or from the Internet! The scholars had excellent, thoughtful discussions with each other about how to tell if their sources were reliable. These projects are an opportunity for our scholars to practice their research and critical thinking skills as well as to learn more about topics they are passionate about.

"What did ninja and samurai use for weapons and armor and why did they choose them?"
and "Who is King Tutankhamen and what did he do for Egypt?"
sources: websites

"How is primate behavior like human behavior?"
sources: websites

"Who invented basketball and how?"
source: website

"How does bioluminescence work?"
sources: iPad app and book

"Why is the Mars Land Rover on Mars and what is it doing?"
source: website

"How has boxing changed from how it originated to the current day?"
sources: book and website

"How do wolves survive in the wild?"
sources: websites

"How does smoking affect the brain?"
sources: book, iPad app, interview with scientist

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