Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big6 Step #5: Synthesis -- also known as Capstone Presentations

One example Capstone Presentation
Research Question was, "How did the band The Script get their start?"

Big6 Steps for Information Literacy

#1 - Task Definition
What is my research task? What types of information do I need?

#2 - Information Seeking Strategies
What are possible sources? Which sources are best for me?

#3 Location and Access
Where is each source? Where is the information in each source?

#4 Use of Information
How can I best use each source? What information in each source is useful?

#5 Synthesis
How can I present the results? How can I organize all the information?

#6 Evaluation
Is the task completed? How can I do things better?


#5 Synthesis, otherwise known as your Capstone Presentation!

  • How can I present the answer to my research question?
  • How can I organize all the information in my presentation? 

A few more examples:

Research Question: How does the weather in the rainforest affect the environment in the rainforest?
Research Question: How was soccer invented?

Research Question: How are rookie stats from the 2012-2013 season
different than experienced players?

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