Thursday, February 13, 2014

Capstone Project Research Questions #resvt #cesuvt #vted

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RES Fourth graders have been working on their interest-based Capstone Projects, and they have each developed a research question they will use to focus their investigations. We are so impressed by the thoughtfulness of the questions! Our students have a great breadth of interests, and we can't wait to see the results of their research!

-Mrs. Rankin and Mrs. Redford

Capstone Project Research Questions

• What is it like to live in Paris, France? • How do you create your own online game on the computer? • How do Apple electronics work when they are so thin? • How has Spiderman changed over time? • How do we pick the right kind of dog food? • How was basketball invented and how has it changed over time? • How and why was Mt. Rushmore constructed? • Why do bulldogs make good pets? • Who are some Vermont Winter Olympians and what are their stories? • How are volcanic rocks formed? • How does the Young Writers Project work? • How are kittens different than adult cats? • How do scientists know they have a real dinosaur fossil? • How do parrots survive as pets? • How does Mac Barnett get is his ideas? • How do different paper airplane designs do tricks? • Why do some trees get so big? • How do touch screens work? • How do you train to become an athlete on American Ninja Warrior? • How are trading cards made? • How do you care for your bike? • How are ballet, jazz, and hip-hop dancing the same and different? • Why do bats hang upside down? • Is Big Foot/the Yeti real and how do we know? • How does the Nexus 7 compare to the iPad mini? • What are the top 10 deadliest diseases and how do you treat them? • How do you choose a good brand of cat food for your cat? • How do jellyfish survive in the sea? • What did ninjas and samurai use for weapons and armor and why did they choose them? • How does a computer mouse work and how is it made? • Why the Mars Land Rover on Mars and what is it doing? • How has boxing changed from how it originated to the current day? • Who invented basketball and how? • Why are Komodo Dragons endangered? • Why do people believe Bigfoot is real? • Who is King Tutankhamen and what did he do for Egypt? • How does bioluminescence work? • What is the process of turning trees into paper? • How do wolves survive in the wild? • Why do some video games have cheats and codes and what are they for? • How is primate behavior like human behavior? • How was the ancient art of China made? • Cryptids/Mysterious Sea Creatures • How does smoking affect the brain?

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