Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finding Images Take 2!

You must visit each of the four websites listed below to find the image that best matches your needs! You are looking for an awesome picture to use in your 'State Project'.  Mrs. Berliner wants this image "to help teach about your state"--it will be used on your display poster. We recommend opening different windows, so you can go back to something later.  

At each website, we want you to think about whether or not this website has been helpful. Use the evaluation sheet to record your observations.

Option 1: 

World Book Online
Our library pays for a subscription to this resource. You can access it through the library website.  If you are not on a school computer, you need to use a login and password, available in the library.

Option 2: 
Google Advanced Image Search
*type in your search words at the top
*then go all the way to the bottom, click next to "useage rights," pick "free to use or share"
*click "Advanced Search"

Option 3:
Option 4:
Wikmedia Commons

When you have looked at all four sites for images, select an image.  Copy and paste this image (AND the CITATION!!!!) to a Microsfot Word document.

Please check in with an adult before you print.

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