Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creativity Prompts--Building Monsters!

Try some free online software to build a monster!  Have fun, be creative and think about how you could use these applications!


                             image created with http://www.think-bank.com/iwb/flash/monster.html

ThinkBank Monster Maker

PBS Kids Alien Assembly

Scholastic Monster Maker

Build Your Wild Self

Sometimes people create avatars online. They use these to represent themselves when they are playing games or sharing.  Sometimes these avatars are intended to be cartoons that look like the person....but sometimes they are just silly! Students have done projects with cartoons they created online---this is just a first exploratory look at this sort of digital creating!

Here is a 'realistic' avatar Mrs Rankin created:
(Using FaceYourManga-  registration required)

And here is a funny one!
Wildself Image
(Using Build Your Wild Self-- linked above!)

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