Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Surprising Facts, Excellent Citations

Today's class: Find a surprising fact and make a Quote Poster

Step 1: Find a partner

Step 2: Use OPALS to find 1 book on a topic your pair is interested in

Step 3: Find 1 cool or surprising fact in your book and mark it with a sticky note

Minilesson: Quote or Paraphrase?

Quote = use the original words, put quotation marks around it

"The Iditarod is the longest sled-dog race in the world -- more than one thousand miles long."

Paraphrase = retell in your own words.

The Iditarod dogsled race is over 1,000 miles long.

You have to cite it, no matter what!!!

Step 4: Write a quote or a paraphrase of your surprising fact on one side of your index card. When you are done, an adult should check it for you.

Minilesson: Citation for a book

Why do we cite / make citations?


Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. Title of the Book. Year the book was published. Pages where you found the information.

Siebert, Patricia. Mush! Across Alaska in the World's Longest Sled-Dog Race. 1992. Page 15.

 Author's Last Name, Author's First Name = Siebert, Patricia.

Title = Mush! Across Alaska in the World's Longest Sled-Dog Race.

Year the book was published = 1992.

Page where I found the information = 15.

Complete Citation

Siebert, Patricia. Mush! Across Alaska in the World's Longest Sled-Dog Race. 1992. Page 15.

Step 5: Write a citation for your book on the back side of your index card. These citations should be in your neatest handwriting--they will be on display!

Step 6:  We will go to the computer lab to create a fabulous fact picture to display on a bulletin board in the RES hallway. Make sure you have your index card!

Step 7:  Log on to your computer and go to: http://recitethis.com/

Step 8:  Type your amazing fact into the application and work as a team to select an interesting masterpiece.

Step 9:  Once you are happy with your image, create it! And download the image. Your image will be downloaded to your computer, and will be a .png file. It might look something like this:
Step 10:  Open up Microsoft PowerPoint and insert your image (Insert-->Picture-->From File).  Once you have checked with an adult you can print your image for our display!

When you are done, you may explore with any of the tools we have used so far in class (Word Clouds, Recite This)...or help to create our bulletin board by checking in with Mrs. Rankin!

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