Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Digital Tool Explorations

Today we are setting some time aside to explore some digital tools that are different and interesting....and that might spark some presentation ideas for your capstone project! Today is not about having a final and complete end product.  Instead, we expect you to check out the tools and see how they work. Decide which ones you like (and maybe which ones you do not!)  Ask questions, be creative, have fun and learn!

Here are some tools we recommend checking out. As you do this, think: What could I use this for??How would I use it?

*  Microsoft Power Point (On the green start button, select All Programs, Select Microsoft Office and then Select Power Point).  Try different fonts, adding pictures, typing text, changing themes.

*  Kerpoof (Go to: http://www.kerpoof.com/ )  Try making a picture, or telling a story.

*  Thinglink (Go to:  http://www.thinglink.com/ )  You will need our class email and password to logon.   Try using one of their stock images and adding things to it.

*  GoAnimate ( Go to: http://goanimate.com/ ) You will need our class email and password to logon. Check out some of their tutorials. See if you can make a character!

Do you have another presentation tool that you might want to try? Check in with a teacher and share your idea!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Trailer Compliments #resvt #cesuvt

Heidi Huestis, the librarian at the Charlotte, Vermont Central School sent these Tweets from her students about the Book Trailers the fourth graders created:

Thanks for the kind words Ms. Huestis and students! We're glad you enjoyed them!

Capstone Project Introduction

Fourth graders are beginning Capstone Projects in their Enrichment Library classes. They will be spending the next three months working on these individual research projects on topics they choose themselves. The student will be completing the following steps as they learn and present their new knowledge:
  • Pick a topic
  • Decide on a research question
  • Decide how to present your research findings 
  • Research and take notes
  • Create your presentation to share your research findings
  • Evaluate your presentation with a rubric
Our first activities have included brainstorming research topics. The students have been brainstorming topics on paper and by using the Idea Sketch iPad app.

We will continue to post updates about the Capstone Projects on this blog. We're looking forward to learning along with our students! - Mrs. Rankin, RES Enrichment Teacher and Mrs. Redford, RES Teacher Librarian

capstone image from Ceridwen. "Gwal-y-filiast Capstone." Wikimedia.org. Wikimedia Commons, 5 Mar. 2011. Web. 22 Aug. 2012.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brainstorming Digital Tools


Brainstorming Digital Tools:

WallWisher (no login needed)

bubble.us (no login needed, and should be able to print finished clouds)  Must use the CHROME BROWSER!

chrome icon image from google.com