Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Trailers! #resvt #cesuvt

RES fourth graders created these video commercials for books, or book trailers, as the culmination of a unit on advertising and media literacy.The students are trying to "sell" their books to viewers. We hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Evaluating Websites for Research

Today we will be using a rating sheet to evaluate websites.  You may not get to all of these steps today, so please start on Step One!

Step One: 
The topic of each of the sites below is endangered species. Pretend that you are about to do a project on endangered species,--go to one of these websites and use our rating sheet to decide if you would use the information you find there. (
Endangered Earth (
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
World Wildlife Fund: About Our Earth (
The Jackalope Conspiracy (
Kids’ Planet: Species Fact Sheets (
Wikipedia: Endangered Species (
Endangered! Exploring a World at Risk (
Earth’s Endangered Creatures (

Step Two:
Share and discuss your results with a classmate at the same step as you.

Step Three:
Use the rating sheet to rate one of your favorite 'green' sites.  How does it hold up to our rating system?  

Step Four:
 We have spent a lot of time discussing advertising. How does advertising factor into websites?  What do you notice?  Do you think that makes a difference in whether or not a website should be used for research?  Look at a few of these websites with an eye for advertising.  (Think about this and we will discuss it as a class next time!)

Step Five:
Should we change the rating sheet? How? Why? Note any changes you would like to make on an extra rating sheet.