Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finding Photographs-Mini Research Project

There are many great websites to find photographs for projects.  Today we will be exploring these sites and rating them based on several agreed upon characteristics! Don't forget to think about how you would cite any photographs you plan to use---and remember--sometimes the best way to get a photograph you need is by creating one yourself!

Explore each of the following and generate a rating for each.
If you find a picture that will be great for your mini-research project, cut and paste it into Microsoft Word with the appropriate citation and check in with a teacher before printing.

1]  World Book Online
Our library pays for a subscription to this resource. You can access it through the library website.  If you are not on a school computer, you need to use a login and password, available in the library.

2]  Google Images

3]  Pics 4 Learning 

4] Free and Open Clipart 
5]  Wikimedia Commons

Also.....did you know that you can use Microsoft Office Clip art? If you have extra time, check out what is available there! Do you have any other places that you get images for projects? Please share!

Some questions---do all of these images have to be cited? Why or why not? 
If you had to pick one site to go to first what would it be? Would it depend on the project? 

Visual images are an important part of any project.  Hopefully this has helped you to develop an understanding of all of the great media that is available for your use!

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